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About Me

Fixy, Render Artist

Hey, I'm Ethan but you can call me fixy. I am an aerospace engineer student by day and a Minecraft render artist by night. I have been rendering for just under a year now and have a lot of experience in both Physical and V-Ray render engine. Some of my favourite render scenes are night and sci-fi as I love the glow effects you can apply to materials, making the renders look unique and great. I hope to progress my style over the coming months and I take a lot of inspriation from the photos that I capture.

My Process

Fixy, Render Artist

1. My primary step before I make any render is to open the build you have sent me, that way I can evaluate and judge in game the best angles that I could make a render from. I want to show your build in the best possible way, so sometimes this may require me moving a tree or a rock so that I can picture your build in the best possible way.

Fixy, Render Artist

2. By far the most complicated step and where the bulk of my time is dedicated. This is where all the magic happens as I set up the scene with optimal lighting and viewpoints. I will show you my preferred angle before I export the image just to make sure that I get the angle that you want to see!

Post Processing
Fixy, Render Artist

3. Once the render of your build has exported, I will open it in photoshop or after effects. This is so that I can apply a range of colour corrections and adjustments to your image to make it pop! Here is where the difference between a good render and a great render is made, thus I take great pride in work I produce and finally deliver.

Who I've Worked With

Saphire Studios Build Team Artion Studios Build Team Podcrash Astrium Build Team Team Visionary Team Synx Overture Build Team eRa Builds Meraki Builds